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There is little differences between other creatures and humans like occupying every little resource around and not to stop unless the end of it. Every human is responsible about this big ship that we live together with animals and plants. And every human need to understand, this is about playing like a team. If you don’t take more than you need, this planet is enough for everybody, think about living in the peace and sharing all what we need. As Beatles said, ” Life is very short for fussing and fighting my friend” But before i talk about human being, i need to let you understand and discover the idea that how i see people. I think humans has 2 parts in their being, so do i. It’s like Ying and Yen, but not about good side bad side like Ying Yen believing, it’s about logic side and spirit side or you can call ” emotion side”. We all have logical thoughts and can think about best way for us in any emergency, because this side is side of truths and understanding the situation. In the other hand, we have another side which wants to makes us move just like we feel and want, it may look like side of freedom but it’s far away from it. Because we mostly move under control of this side when we fall in love and mostly we act like we are incredbily idiot and like we already thrown our brain away. You can see this sides fighting when you lost a perfect friendship and think that you won’t be able to trust anybody again but than you find a soulmate. Logic side makes you think, everybody who is your good friend has an opportunity to break your heart and spirit side says you that you can’t live alone forever like a cowboy, you are not created for this, that’s why there is 7 billion another human sharing the world with you. So  if you ask me, i prefer %95 logic side and suggest it. With this, nobody ever gonna take that opportunity to makes you think and feel bad. But it makes you some kinda ” feelless” or ” heartless”. But what i say is, my feelings is none of any other human’s bussines…



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